hand made elbows

Hand-made Elbows:

  Elbows get used in water & sewage waternetworks in order to change the pathway of fluid movement. Hand-made elbows ofDojedareh Sabok Engineering Company are offered without any diameter and anglelimitation upon the customer requirements. The priority of these hand-madeelbows is the use of an additional fusion in the external edge of the fusionlocation, that creates the desirable strength and sealing in that part. Double-wall elbows connect to the network via couplings or belts.


 Hand-made 45-degree elbows are generally producedin two-piece form and with only one cut-line.


  Hand-made 90-degree elbows are produced in theform of two and three or more pieces. The use of more cuts is for the preventionof a sudden blocking of the fluid movement. Hand-made 45&90-degree elbows ofsingle-wall pipes and different kinds of double-wall pipes, are produced withdifferent sizes, angles and arm lengths.

Corrugated45&90ºElbow 200&250 (2-way coupling)



Single spiral and corrugated 45&90º Elbow (simple)



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