hand made tees

Hand-made Corrugated Fittings

Tee joints:

Tee joints get produced with extruder fusion bytwo methods of hand-making and/or molding.

Dojedareh Sabok Co. Ltd has no limitation onproduction of Tee-joints with different sizes and angles, it produces a varietykinds of single wall, double-wall, muffen and non-muffen Tee-joints upon thecustomer requirements.

Double-wall molded muffen Tee-joint 200*200*200and 250*250*250 with a double-wall and rib body, is one of the unique productsof Dojedareh Sabok Engineering company that besides having a high internal andexternal properties, much more than the pipe itself, it also posses a fineinternal surface and because of the 45 degree angle it makes the proper velocityin the direction of the fluid movement during the branching.


 Different kinds of Tee-joints:

·         Double-wall Tee-joints to double-wall 45º (simple(

·         Double-wall Tee-joints to double-wall 45º (3-way coupling(

·         Double-wall Tee-joints to double-wall 90º (simple(



·         Double-wall Tee-joints to double-wall 90º :3-way coupling


·         Double-wall Tee-joints to single-wall 45º90&º- muffen 


·         Double-wall Tee-joints to single-wall 45º90&º : 3-way coupling  



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